Sidetrack is an innovative and feature-packed RSS reader designed for use with the Feedbin and Feed Wrangler syncing services.

Articles are presented as a stack of cards, which you can flick to one side to reveal the next. Pulling a card towards you reveals options to save or share the article.

A unique track on the left hand side shows your current position and allows you to quickly scrub through the stack.


By presenting one article at a time it is much easier to focus on each one to determine whether it is worth reading. I find that I can skim through articles to find the nuggets much faster than using a scrolling list. I can lock my eyes on the headline area of the screen and quickly flick through the stack. Each headline appears in the same area of the screen so you don't have to track a moving target in order to read it.

Helpful Features

Watch App

View the list of unread articles within a selected tag or smart stream.

Tap an article to view the headline in full and mark as read or star. Force tap on an article to view saving options.


Select a tag or smart stream to receive notifications when new articles are downloaded. The selected smart stream's unread articles will be available from within the watch app.

Speed Browsing

Quickly and easily speed through your articles, hands-free with speed browsing.

Automatically switches to the next article every second or two. Customise the playback speed to suit your browsing habits.

Automatic Dark Mode

All themes have an associated dark mode. Dark mode can be configured to switch automatically at a pre-selected screen brightness level.


Sidetrack: A great Feed Wrangler app for iOS.

Jordan Merrick

Took a second to rewire my brain, but now I don't think I can go back.

Liam Hughes

I can consume more information and find what to read faster.

Rider Jones